Moving Over Two Days for a Stress-Reduced Move

“Moving over two days? Isn’t that twice as stressful?”. While it may seem counterintuitive, our experience suggests that spreading the move over two days can significantly reduce stress. Here’s why it can allow for a more stress-reduced move:

Evening Preparation and Clearing

The Night Before: Instead of a chaotic rush on moving day, consider having our team arrive the afternoon before. We can spend time clearing the boxes you’re swamped under, possibly even clearing a room and handling any necessary dismantling. This proactive approach allows you to start your moving day with a more organized and stress-free environment.

Smooth Transition to New Buyers

Morning Efficiency: On the morning of the move, we can return for an hour or two to handle the final bits, leaving you with an empty property from 11 am onward. This gives you ample time to prepare for new buyers, ensuring a smooth transition. You can even take a moment to go through the house and reminisce about the years spent in your old home.

Slow and Steady Approach

Moving home is undoubtedly a mix of stress and emotions. While the “ripping the band-aid” method might work for some, we believe that a slow and steady approach often wins the race.

Other Effective Strategies:

1. Handling Outdoor and Garden Items: If you have numerous outbuildings, a large garage, or extensive outdoor equipment, consider moving these items separately. You can obtain keys to the new property’s outbuildings beforehand. You can either have us move these items or handle it yourself a day or a few days before completion. This strategy minimizes the space these items take up on our vans and ensures a stress-free completion day.

2. Access to Outbuildings in Larger Properties: If you’re moving between larger properties, inquire about having access to any outbuildings for your garden and garage items. This not only makes the process budget-friendly but also lightens the load on the actual moving day.

Embrace a thoughtfully planned and executed two-day moving strategy to make the transition to your new home a stress-reduced move 🏡🚚

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