Our Top Tips on Packing your Home

Packing your home can be a stressful time, it’s important to know and understand the best way to pack your home for storage.

Boxing the Tv’s, bikes & more when storing

Some Removal companies or storage facilities will supply specialist boxes to put your items in when packing your home. Turton’s Removals and storage also offer to pack and wrap specialist items for storage. You can get a box for just about anything and when in storage you should attempt to box just about everything, especially TV’s printers and microwaves, you can even get push bike boxes to put your bikes into whilst storing.

Good quality boxes

If you’re planning on putting your items into Storage you need to make sure the boxes are a strong ‘double walled’ cardboard, the items in the boxes will need to be stacked to conserve space for the bigger items. Depending on how long you’re planning to store your goods, quality of the box depends on how the boxes will end up compressed over time. Try to avoid using thin plastic boxes as these aren’t made for transporting goods (domestic household only). For more info on finding the best boxes without paying for them check out Moving boxes for free.

Mirrored furniture & how should I prepare it to store

Can my mirrored furniture be stored safely?

Yes, it is highly recommended that the handles are taken off and turned around to the inside of the draw, a Removal company should be able to do everything for you however this will be an additional service.

If you’re attempting to wrap the furniture yourself you will need:

  1. 500mm bubble wrap
  2. Cardboard edging.
  3. Strong cardboard
  4. Box Tape

Wrap the furniture with a single layer of thin bubble wrap. Then tape cardboard edging on any corners on top. Then add a few more additional layers of bubble wrap. Use strong cardboard and cut to size making sure the cardboard covers the entire side. Tape each side into place individually then tape all together.

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