Where Can I Get Boxes Free?

Where to Obtain Free Boxes for Your Move in the UK

Moving expenses can quickly accumulate, especially with the rising costs of cardboard boxes, reaching up to £40 for specialist ones and an average of £4.50 for medium-sized boxes. Despite removal companies not always recommending it, you can cut costs by sourcing good-quality, free boxes for packing your belongings.


Tap into supermarkets as a fantastic resource for free boxes. Coordinate with the manager to collect boxes during scheduled deliveries. Be mindful of box quality, considering they might need to be stacked up to 10 feet high during the move.

Pubs and Restaurants

For those with a substantial number of bottles to move, inquire at pubs or restaurants for free boxes. These businesses often face costs for cardboard waste disposal and may gladly provide you with surplus boxes.

T-shirt Printers

Specialty shops in embroidery and printing typically have medium-sized boxes suitable for packing lighter to medium-weight items. Popular stores are likely to offer an abundance of such boxes.


For books, heavy small items, or fragile belongings, durable book boxes are ideal. Libraries and large bookstores like Waterstones can be reliable sources. Contact stores in advance, as some boxes may be discarded immediately unless they’re useful to a savvy customer.

Social Media

Explore social media platforms, such as Facebook Marketplace, for free items, including boxes. Set a convenient distance to avoid excessive travel. Always assess the quality of used boxes and take only what is useful.

Gumtree and Freecycle

Gumtree and Freecycle are excellent platforms for finding free items, potentially including boxes. Exercise caution with dirty, damp, or damaged boxes, as they may pose a risk to your belongings.

By leveraging these sources, you can save on moving supplies, ensuring a cost-effective and smooth transition to your new home. Always prioritise the quality of the boxes to safeguard your belongings during the move

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