Moving Safely

Moving safely is our jam, and that’s why we bring out the cones and signs – not for ice cream, but for a smooth and secure relocation!

Moving Safely

Why Cones and Signs?

You’re moving… maybe dealing with tight spaces or squeezing through on-street parking. To keep things as smooth as possible, especially when wrangling big furniture that might play hide-and-seek with visibility, we’ve got our trusty cautionary cones and signs ⚠️. It’s not just for our awesome staff but also for creating an overall safe zone.

But hey, cones and signs aren’t just for safety superheroes – they’re versatile too! Need to save a parking spot for our moving magic? Check. Being the courteous neighbors and apologizing for any mini inconveniences? Absolutely.

Watch out Sofa coming through! PIVOT!

As well as using cones and signs outside we believe inside it is best practice and safest if all family members stay allocated in one room and one member directs where the furniture may go, as the saying goes “too many chefs spoil the broth”. Understandingly this isn’t ideal so if possible child care for moving day is always best practice.

We might sound like safety sticklers, but it’s all for the grand finale: making sure your moving day is a blast and as stress-free as possible. Moving safely is our backstage pass to a smooth-moving performance!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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