How much does it cost to move house?

Curious about how much it would cost to move house? It’s a complex question with numerous factors at play. While we’d all love a straightforward answer, the intricacies of a move necessitate a detailed survey to determine an accurate price.

Although we understand this might be challenging as you attempt to budget, prices can vary significantly when considering the complexities involved in a move. Here are some insightful points to consider when it comes to the cost to move house. These often catch clients by surprise, providing valuable insights as you explore your options…

Space vs Weight: Deciphering the Logistics

In the UK, most removal and storage companies opt for Luton-type vans due to their ample usable space and maneuverability in most streets. However, these vehicles have a trade-off – a limited weight capacity to comply with safety and legal regulations on UK roads. This poses a challenge in planning and loading efficiently and safely. For instance, if your move involves only boxes of books, we might need to factor in packing the vehicles to a third of their capacity or even less. While we’d likely use a different vehicle for such moves, it emphasizes the need for an experienced and responsible eye during the survey.

In most cases, we estimate a move based on a mix of item types to efficiently use space, balancing large furniture pieces with heavier, compact items to distribute weight across vehicles. To the untrained eye, this might seem like underutilization of the vehicles, but it ensures a safer and more efficient move.

Occasionally, we encounter requests to move heavy items like potted garden plants, adding significant weight to the load. While we’re happy to accommodate such requests, after discussions, customers often opt to move these items independently or consider leaving them behind, mindful of additional vehicle costs.

Distance Matters: Calculating the Move

It’s expected that the farther you move, the higher the cost, but the impact of distance, especially in longer moves, can be surprising. Estimating a price involves factors such as distance, the number of vehicles, and staff required. Our experienced surveyors can provide an accurate price after a survey, factoring in these considerations.

Navigating Chains: Challenges and Solutions

Chains present challenges and uncertainties in UK moves but are often an unavoidable aspect. Physically moving your belongings becomes tricky because you must vacate your property before gaining ownership of your new home. Unfortunately, this process isn’t always smooth and is prone to delays.

Delays can leave you in a state of limbo, where our transport becomes the temporary home for your belongings – not an ideal situation. While we understand the stress this can cause, it’s essential to acknowledge the significant expenses it incurs for us as a moving company. Consider using a storage solution, like ours, to avoid being locked into the chain. Although it adds extra expense, it proves invaluable when facing unforeseen delays in the moving process.

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