Optimising Box Selection for Your Move

Discover why choosing the right box selection is crucial for a seamless move. Free banana or crisp boxes may seem appealing, but they often fall short during relocation. In this blog, we delve into:

  • The average packaging needs for homes
  • Estimated costs for essential packing materials
  • Recommended packing materials for every home
  • The significance of sturdy, double-walled boxes

The Average Packaging Needs per Home

For the typical 3-4 bed household in the UK, averaging 80-160 boxes, understanding your storage spaces is key. Investing in 12 quality tape rolls from reliable suppliers ensures your belongings stay securely packed. Avoid flimsy options like gaffa tape or discount store rolls, as they won’t adhere well to cardboard. Depending on the size of your fragile items and ornaments, packing paper and bubble wrap may be essential.

Estimating Packaging Costs for your box selection

Budgeting approximately £200 for packaging is a reasonable estimate, considering factors such as household size and supplier variations. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Average cost per box: £1.50 – £3
  • Average tape rolls used: 12 – 18
  • Average tape price per roll: £1.20 – £2.50
  • Additional essentials: Packing paper (Free – £15), Bubble wrap (£15 – £30)
  • Total estimated cost: £179.40 – £390 (Prices based on 2022 averages, subject to fluctuations).

Essential Packing Materials for Every Home

Ensure a smooth move with the basics in box selection:

  1. Sturdy double-walled medium boxes
  2. Quality brown, clear, or white tape
  3. Packing paper or newspaper

These essentials provide a foundation for securely boxing your belongings, safeguarding them during transit.

The Significance of a Good Box Selection

A robust double-walled box is non-negotiable, especially if stacking boxes to heights of 3-4 feet. Choosing quality boxes ensures a hassle-free move, benefiting both you and your movers.

Make your move stress-free by selecting the right packing materials. Invest wisely, and your belongings will reach their destination securely and intact. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us.

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