Using storage during your move

Relocating to a new home doesn’t always unfold seamlessly.

It’s an unfortunate reality that the process of moving house can be quite challenging. With numerous moving parts, it’s little surprise that things often don’t go as planned, leading to delays and families finding themselves in a difficult situation. One effective way to navigate these challenges is to consider storage as a temporary solution.

Having access to storage can significantly reduce the stress associated with moving by providing a safety net in case of unforeseen issues. It ensures your belongings have a secure place to be stored, avoiding the back of a mover’s van. Additionally, it eliminates the need for everything to happen simultaneously, enhancing the overall moving experience and allowing you time to plan and breathe between vacating your old property and settling into your new one. Why rush to decide on the placement of your furniture when you can take a few days to make thoughtful choices before its arrival?

Choosing the Right Storage Option

Every move is unique, but fortunately, there are various storage options available to cater to your specific needs.

You can choose to personally arrange and store your items in one of the many self-storage locations across the country. While these facilities vary in price and amenities, they provide you with complete control over your storage. Many are accessible 24/7, functioning like an additional garage where you can retrieve items at your convenience. This option offers flexibility but is often pricier due to that flexibility. It is commonly used for storing items in advance of a move at a more relaxed pace, making it a suitable choice if time is on your side.

Alternatively, a more convenient option when moving house is to engage a moving service with integrated storage solutions. This means your belongings remain with the mover between moving out and moving in, similar to a standard move. This option streamlines the moving process, reducing stress by eliminating time-critical concerns without changing much else. This is the preferred choice for most of our clients based on our experience.

Another option is to combine these approaches by having your mover transport your belongings to a storage facility of your choice. Although this involves two moves, it can be the best option in certain situations, especially when it’s challenging for the mover to estimate how much the load will change between moves. While this may introduce some complexity and potentially higher costs for some clients, it offers a tailored solution to the diverse nature of moving homes.

Understanding your needs

It’s crucial to thoroughly understand the details of your storage arrangements, particularly when opting for self-storage. Facilities can vary significantly, making it essential to carefully compare quotes. Watch out for introductory offers and scrutinize the fine print, as they may not be as favorable as they initially seem. Pay special attention to insurance options for your items during storage, as deciphering the choices can sometimes be challenging. If you schedule a survey with us, we’ll provide assistance in choosing the best storage option to ensure a smooth moving experience on the big day.

Preparing Your Belongings for Storage

If you’ve chosen a storage option ahead of your move, adapting your packing strategy can greatly optimize the use of your storage space. Check out our storage packing tips to get started, and stay tuned for more insights as we’ll be expanding on this topic due to popular demand.

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