Tips for Moving day – Our top stress relieving tips

Whether you’re purchasing or renting, the prospect of moving is undoubtedly exciting. However, the task of sorting and decluttering can be overwhelming, particularly when juggling a full-time job and children. To alleviate the stress, we’ve compiled our top tips to make your moving day smoother.

Room-by-Room Approach

Packing your entire house can be a daunting challenge. Start by tackling key rooms such as the kitchen and dining room, which are often the largest and most time-consuming to pack. Follow up by sorting through bedrooms, where packing is relatively easier, especially with clothes neatly folded and placed into boxes.

Consider breaking down the packing process by dedicating one day to each room. This approach makes the task more manageable and less stressful.

Strategic Packing

Begin by packing away all non-essential items, starting with fragile belongings. Wrap delicate items like ornaments in paper or bubble wrap, ensuring the box’s base is layered with scrunched-up paper for added protection. Save essential items for last, allowing you to carry on with daily life while packing.

Organise items within boxes by grouping similar items together. This method will help you locate your belongings easily at any stage of the moving process, reducing stress and minimising rummaging through boxes.

Invest in double-walled boxes for added strength, available from reputable moving or storage companies. Use large boxes for bedding and clothes and smaller boxes for heavier items, preventing boxes from becoming excessively heavy.

Embrace Labelling

Labelling is a simple yet effective practice that can make a significant difference during the moving process. Use a permanent marker to label each box clearly, writing in capital letters on both the top and side. This ensures easy identification of boxes upon arrival at your new home.

Take the time to document the contents of each box, especially if you’re moving a large number of items. Attach a list to each box, focusing on those containing essential items like bedding, toiletries, and kitchen appliances. This organised approach streamlines the unpacking process.

Make the Most of Storage

If time is a constraint, consider temporarily storing your belongings before the move. Utilise storage facilities, like ours, to create space and streamline the emptying of your home before the big day.

By implementing these stress-relieving tips, you can make your moving day a more efficient and organised experience.

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