Retirement Home Moving

What can you bring to a Retirement Home?

You can bring almost anything to a retirement home, though downsizing furniture from a four-bed property is advisable. Downsizing can be emotional, so give yourself time to decide and consider assistance from a loved one to ease the process.

How can you dispose of old furniture?

Start with a charity shop. Many local charity shops provide a service where they assess and collect items. Your local council may offer a disposal service at a lower cost, but they might not enter your home. Alternatively, with our waste carriers permit, Turton’s Removals can efficiently take away old furniture and mattresses.

What happens to the removed furniture?

We aim to offer most furniture to charities like Sheltered, helping re-home people. Items in excess may be sold, shared on social media, or responsibly disposed of.

Struggling to adapt to Retirement home living?

It’s normal to feel daunted by significant changes. Some homes offer a “try before you buy” experience, letting you move into a furnished apartment for a few weeks. Discuss your concerns with the staff, who can make you feel more at ease.

Benefits of Retirement/Residential living:

  1. Strong sense of community.
  2. Safety and security.
  3. Winter well-being.
  4. No household chores.
  5. Inclusive festive events.

A strong sense of community makes the transition less daunting, while safety and security are enhanced with 24-hour staff and CCTV. Shared living reduces utility costs, and daily interaction is beneficial for well-being. Forget household chores with provided cleaning and catering services, and enjoy inclusive festive events.

Explore retirement living benefits with Turton’s Removals, offering an all-inclusive service for your move.

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