Only recently have we heard the term removalist, but we quite like it! The term is apparently in common use among our Australian cousins. It specifically refers to people employed in furniture removal business. But could it be a more fitting way to describe an occupation that is becoming increasingly professional?

Removalist; someone who helps people move their possessions to a different place to live or work


Whichever term you use it seems clear that the industry has improved greatly in recent years, setting new standards in service and professionalism. In our experience clients demand more from a removal service these days. So they should, after all it’s an expensive addition to moving house in many cases. Not to say that using a removals company isn’t good value. It can really lift the burden in some moves, but like most things these days it’s an added cost that not all will appreciate.

When paying out for a service clients want an experience on the day that matches their expectation. A well turned-out team that are well trained and well mannered is a must these days. Exhibiting beyond the usual customer service level means a lot to clients on what can be an extremely stressful day. This level of attention to the customer simply isn’t something you expect to find in your normal “lift and shift” employee. It takes a lot of training and a solid work ethic to be successful in this business.

So perhaps yes, a new term for the trade may make sense in the face of a shifting paradigm. A new title might properly reflect the new expectations placed upon the humble removal operative. As well as neutralising any gender bias in the industry. A new term may serve to further legitimise an occupation that so many rely on. Or maybe, just maybe, we just like the ring of our borrowed antipodean term and would like to hear it more often.

Let us know your opinion in the comments and we’ll see, removalist or removal-lost? Oh, and if you came here looking for a removalist click through and come say hello 😊

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