7 Top Tips for Moving House

Tips for a Stress-Free House Move – Your Ultimate Moving Guide

Achieving a stress-free house move may seem impossible, but with these moving tips, we’re aiming for a day without stress.

  1. Have a Good Old Clear Out

While it may seem obvious, sorting through belongings you don’t want to take can significantly reduce packing time. Purge items by donating to charities; many offer free collection services.

  1. Write a List

Create a comprehensive list of services to change over: insurers, driving license, water services, gas & electricity, council tax, TV license, and any finance agreements. Include tasks like recording gas and electricity readings on the day to keep your moving day organised.

  1. Book a Removal Company

Regardless of your move’s size, handling it yourself can add unnecessary stress. Hiring a removal company allows you to manage solicitor calls, give your house a final clean, and tackle last-minute tasks without added pressure.

  1. Have Everything Packed Before Your Moving Day

Packing everything, including cutlery, the night before, can save time. Use travel mugs for morning drinks and paper bowls for breakfast. Keep a small suitcase or bag ready for the last-minute essentials.

  1. Consider Short-Term Storage

If downsizing, short-term storage for less-used items can be a lifesaver, saving time and reducing chaos. Often, one room remains disorderly until essential items are safely stowed away.

  1. Consider Once-Used Boxes

Once-used boxes can save money, but ensure they are strong, double-walled boxes. Properly pack heavier or fragile items in smaller boxes, and lighter objects in larger ones. Label fragile boxes for careful handling.

  1. Colour Code Boxes

Organise your move with coloured tape or paper on boxes. Designate a colour for each room and mark corresponding doors in your new home. This makes it easy for movers to place colour-coded boxes in the right rooms hassle-free.

Follow these tips to make your house move a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

Happy moving !

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