How to move my upright piano safely?

How to Safely Move Your Upright Piano

Moving your upright piano requires special care and equipment. We strongly recommend hiring professionals, like Turton’s Removals & Storage, for this delicate task. If opting for another company, ensure they use heavy-duty wheels and a thick quilted blanket for pallet wrapping at a minimum. At Turton’s, we have custom covers for upright pianos and a technique for wrapping grand/baby grand pianos.

Checklist for Moving Your Piano

Before packing your piano, follow these steps:

  1. Get an estimate from a moving company.
  2. Remove detachable panels and ensure safety.
  3. Have all necessary equipment ready.

Tips for Moving Your Piano

Follow these tips to ensure a safe piano move:

  1. Don’t move the piano alone.
  2. Enlist help from professionals or friends.
  3. Use a specialist heavy-duty dolly.
  4. Protect the piano’s finish.
  5. Move the piano slowly.
  6. Keep the piano steady at both ends.

Safe Ways to Move Your Piano

Ensure safety with proper footwear, wrap the piano in a transit blanket, and use a heavy-duty dolly. Lift one end, slide the dolly underneath, and lower the piano slowly. When transporting, call professionals to tie the piano securely.

How to Tune Your Piano

Consider tuning your piano after a move, as changes in environment can affect its pitch. Ask your moving company for recommendations on piano tuners.

Choosing a Specialist Mover

Make your piano move smooth by:

  1. Selecting reputable movers with good reviews.
  2. Packing essentials like music sheets and tuning tools.
  3. Allowing ample time for movers to prepare.
  4. Staying calm for a successful move.
  5. Communicating any issues promptly.
  6. Ensuring your piano is adequately protected by the chosen moving company at no additional cost.

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