Why should I avoid exchanging and completing on the same day?

More individuals are considering the option of exchanging and completing on the same day. But is this trend truly advantageous, especially when it comes to moving between purchased properties?

At Turton’s Removals & Storage, we firmly believe that exchanging and completing on the same day is generally a risky and imprudent practice. While it may suit small chains or those moving to vacant properties, it poses significant drawbacks and potential risks for most individuals.

Executing a same-day exchange introduces considerable risks. It may lead to unforeseen challenges such as finding yourself without a bed in your newly purchased or sold home, effectively rendering you temporarily homeless. Additionally, all parties involved may face unexpected fees. The precarious nature of this process stems from the fact that if the exchange of contracts doesn’t occur, the entire sale may be jeopardised. In such scenarios, the buyer of your property might still proceed with the move… Or worse, the sale could collapse entirely, necessitating the relocation of all belongings back into the property you intended to vacate. Both outcomes can be devastating.

The question of whether to book a removal company before the exchange is a common concern. We advise against it. Most moving companies require a non-transferable deposit to secure a booking date. This typically ranges from 25% to 50% of the quotation. Cancelling or rescheduling can be costly due to their booking policies. At Turton’s, we prioritise your peace of mind over immediate deposits. Our transparent booking policy requires clients to commit to their chosen date before confirming with us. This includes a 25% non-refundable or transferable deposit, with full payment due 48 hours prior. This approach guarantees that we will not turn clients away only to later offer an available date, providing a level of reassurance in choosing us as your moving company.

Moving already ranks as one of life’s most stressful events, and choosing a same-day exchange can needlessly elevate stress levels. Save yourself from the added complications and stress by allowing at least two weeks between the exchange of contracts. One week at the very least.

We aim for your moving experience to be stress-free. We hope that our moving company contributes to achieving that for you 🙂

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