Moving from Essex to North East

A year ago, we had the pleasure of moving a delightful couple to Essex. Fast forward to today, and they rang us up, wanting to return home. After deciding that their initial Essex move wasn’t the right fit for them, they approached us to reverse the relocation. Having successfully executed many moves in the opposite direction, especially within the North East of England, we gladly accepted the challenge.

During the quotation process, some common questions arose:

“How will you do it?”

We explained our meticulous method over the phone, providing further confirmation via email.

“Where will the vans be kept overnight, as it’s not close to your depot?”

We offered three storage options: secure parking with anti-theft locks, collaboration with Move Assured for a secure yard, or leaving the vans on the driveway. Our customer chose secure parking.

“How long will it take?”

While our method explanation covered the timeline, we sent a confirmation email detailing all relevant dates.

As the relocation approached, they requested a full pack for all their belongings, including wrapping pictures and ornaments. However, a week before the sale completion, our client faced a setback – the seller pulled out. Fortunately, they secured a rental property, albeit partially furnished and smaller than their previous home. This turn of events led to a reevaluation of our initial plan.

The Revised Method:

Sunday: We deployed three vans to Harlow, one filled with packaging, and the others stocked with protective equipment and personal belongings for the next two days.

Monday: We expertly packed, labelled, and loaded the entire house contents, securing only the items designated for storage. We then transported them to our secure parking facility.

Tuesday: We loaded the rental belongings, embarked on our journey back, unloaded at the rental property, and proceeded to the storage facility to unload the rest.

This dynamic approach allowed us to adapt swiftly to unforeseen circumstances, ensuring a smooth and stress-free relocation experience for our clients.

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