Easter Moving

With Easter rapidly approaching, many families are looking to make their big move around this time of year. Whether this is the first-time moving house, or a move that’s been on the cards for a while it can be daunting or exciting depending how you’re moving. Fortunately, Turton Removals and Storage are here to take away the stress and make sure your move is as stress free as possible.

We understand that moving house can be a daunting task, especially in the current situation. That’s why our experienced team are available to help you make the move. Our staff provide a personally tailored service that ensure that your move goes just the way you require it to. We also offer a full packing service to make sure your items are at the best protected they can be during transit. Our teams even offer other services such as selling packing materials, so you can easily start to plan the move.

Discover some fascinating Easter facts as you prepare for your Easter Moving journey:

  1. Dyed Eggs: Eggs are dyed to symbolise the blood of Jesus Christ. Gruesome but true! Mainly Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches dye eggs red to represent Christ’s blood.
  2. Easter Date Calculation: Each year, a complex mathematical equation called Computus determines the date of Easter.
  3. Pretzels and Prayer: Pretzels have a link to Easter as the twist in a pretzel resembles arms crossed in prayer.
  4. Ukrainian Tradition: Decorating eggs, known as “Pysankas,” is a Ukrainian tradition using wax and dyes.
  5. German Easter Witches: I don’t believe I’m writing this but yes, it is 100% true. The idea comes from an old Pagan belief that witches would fly to a German mountain on the Thursday before Easter to cavort with Satan.
  6. Sweet Consumption: Yes, easter loses out every year to Halloween. Shocking!
  7. Lilies Symbolism: Lilies around Easter symbolise hope and rebirth, gaining prominence after World War I.
  8. Easter Egg Consumption: Every child in the UK receives an average of 8.8 Easter eggs per year.
  9. Largest Easter Egg Hunt: The largest Easter egg hunt took place in Florida, with 9,753 children searching for 501,000 eggs.
  10. Chocolate Bunny Biting: 76 percent of people bite the ears off the chocolate bunny first. Yep, it’s a sick world we live in. I can’t say I’m innocent though they’re some tasty bunny ears!

As you embark on your Easter Moving journey, rely on Turton Removals and Storage for professional and reliable services, ensuring a smooth transition.

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