Storing Your Christmas Decorations

Overindulged in Christmas lights and decorations? Dread the garage chaos? We have the solution! Let us collect your decorations post-festivities, sparing you the year-round Santa mishaps and misplaced Rudolph noses. No more tripping over holiday chaos – we’ll secure them in our indoor storage crates. Before stashing those lights and contemplating parting with naughty elves, gather essentials like:

  • Plastic or cardboard storage boxes
  • Christmas Tree Storage bag or the box it came in
  • Marker pen
  • Scissors
  • Wrapping paper or Bubble wrap to protect baubles and other breakables
  • Pieces of cardboard
  • Pen and paper

Opt for sturdy cardboard boxes (25kg capacity) or heavy-duty plastic ones for efficient organisation. Consider taking pictures of Christmas decorations and printing them for easy retrieval each year. Larger ornaments? Box them smartly to avoid Santa headaches come Christmas. For your Christmas tree, dismantle in sections, wrap glass baubles in packing paper, and label each box with a printed picture.

Planning storage? Whether with a Removals & Storage company or self-storing, follow our packing tips:

If with a mover and storer or self-store and they’re not packing, follow our packing blogs for tips or use advice in step 2. Most movers will provide protective blankets when storing the larger ornaments and will pack them into a storage box in a manner that prevents damage.

If storing yourself, consider using garage racking to store all boxes neatly away or flooring the loft out to hold more items.

Choose the best storage solution and bid those mischievous elves farewell until next year!

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