Choosing The Best Moving Company for you

Selecting the best moving company in the North East can be a daunting task with numerous factors to consider. Wondering how to pick the ‘best’ moving company for you? Watch our informative video below for helpful insights. Should you have further questions, feel free to contact us for additional information.

Start Early

Even if you’ve recently sold your house, it’s never too early to find the right moving company. Moving home can be stressful, and dates often sneak up unexpectedly. Moving companies are accustomed to visiting houses in various states, so don’t hesitate to have a surveyor over even if your house is disorganised. They know what to expect. If there are items not moving, the surveyor will note them.

Choose Three

Selecting three moving companies reduces the risk of being left without a mover on short notice. It provides a good understanding of the offerings of different moving companies.

Ask for a Survey

A reputable moving company offers free surveys, either in-person or virtually. This professional assessment helps determine the volume of items to move, ensuring the right amount and size of vehicles on the moving day.


Research moving companies before scheduling surveys. A reliable moving company should have positive feedback, instilling confidence in entrusting them with your home.


Ensure the company is accredited, indicating they have the correct insurance and maintain high standards.

What’s On Offer?

Check what the company provides for protecting your home and furniture. Ensure you protect the furniture adequately and use floor runners during the move to prevent damage to the carpet. Are the staff uniformed and smart? This is crucial, as well-groomed, uniformed staff reflect a well-run company that takes pride in its service.

Make your move stress-free with the best moving company in the North East. Watch our video for more insights, and feel free to reach out for additional information.

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